Friday, April 5, 2013

Bath time

Thought I'd share these from bath time!
Lesson learned: a wet baby is a very slippery baby.

Growing girl!

Andee is over two months old now, and weighing a whopping 8lbs 6oz! She is already too tall for her newborn clothes - she only wore them for a few weeks - so we have her in 0-3 month clothes which nearly drown her! Whatever happened to my itty-bitty preemie baby?

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Chinese vs. Western Parenting

I read this interesting article yesterday with my husband  about the differences between "Western" and "Chinese" parenting.
While reading it I tended to lean more towards the Chinese way rather than the Western way of parenting (although I don't think I'd ever go as far as to keep my child from using the bathroom to practice the piano). I totally agree that too many parents in the Western world worry too much over their children's self-esteem. I think that we have so many children with fragile self-esteem today because they have been treated like they have fragile self-esteem since they were born - a trend that I notice often in our society. Maybe I feel that way because my parents were never overly concerned about mine and I feel like I generally have good self-esteem. Whereas I've noticed a few cases of my friend's parents treating their children's feelings as if they were made of glass, and those friends were my most emotionally troubled friends. Those have been my own experiences, and I realize that what I experience may not necessarily be the "norm". I also realize that there may not be a general answer to fit every case because every parent and child is unique. Hm, any thoughts?